NEM Data Logging and Harmonics Services

1. For NEMAS report according to SEDA requirements – based on TNB worksheet. We also can provide just a raw data, without data extraction and reports preparation.
2. Datalogging to identify Power Quality Problems like voltage sag/ nuisance tripping/harmonics overloading/ transient events recording in compliance to identify SEMI F47/EN50160

On-site technical support that schedule at least 3-7 working days in advance.

PQ Evaluation

To obtain Energy Efficiency Reports, qualified by ST Approved Energy Managers, and importantly, to obtain a clear guideline of client power factor before submitting offers.


By assessing your asset, we are able to provide trading. 

Workshops & Trainings

Learning about Power Factor and Power Quality is essential to help our customer stay competitive in the industry. We are keen on sharing our know-how and methods to improve Power Quality with our years of experience.