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Medium Voltage Shunt Reactor Banks (SRPM)

A Medium Voltage Shunt Reactor Bank (SRPM) capable of injecting reactive inductive powers into the network for the sole purpose of voltage control via an intelligent Voltage Measuring Device[VMD] from ELCO Partners, ESKAP ENA7000 and can be programmed with several parameter options to induce continuous control of inserted inductive reactive powers into the point of common coupling to achieve perfect voltage control in compliance to Suruhanjaya Tenaga’s Distribution Grid Code where steady state voltage provided by the abstract table below.

SRPM Table
SRPM Product

Concept of Application

During power systems studies of the localized grid, when applying Distributed Generation(DG), penetration of up to 85% of Source trough load is allowed according to TNB, with reverse power relays effecting controls if at all limits are surpassed. Not withstanding System Adequacy studies, load flow studies to determine that voltage fluctuations are operating within the limits of the National Grid Code as sanctioned by Suruhanjaya Tenaga. In doing this, we assume that the local network comprise the following simplistic network where the DG is sitting on Bus 1 and tries to inject power into the network to Bus 2, via a series of local resistances and reactances, which are possibly made up of local loads of pumps, motors, cable losses, and transformer reactances or long capacitive lines – in the case of ABCs This is represented by the following single line.

when V1, V2, I are complex vectors with angular difference Ø1,and Ø2 respectively, when β = Ø1 - Ø2, and if I is maintained inductive with the use of ELCO_Systems®, SRPM,with lagging power factors giving a lower voltage at Bus 2, by way of activating multiple shunt reactive steps as shown in phasor diagram below.

SPRM Technical Spec


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