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ELCO_Systems® - PFBM, accumulated industrial experience with various applications of power factor correction in Large Scale Solar[LSS], Industrial Applications, Bio-Gas, MCC compensation as well as Hydro-Renewable Power Generators and has adapted its experience in making power factor correction banks. Having learnt from successful partnerships with Alstom Nokian, GE & Ergun in this specialized field, ELCO_Systems® developed the PFBM both to rigorous IEC standards and demanding Ingress Protection with applications indoor as well as outdoor.

PFBM Limits

How PFBM Works?

The planning and design requirements of the Distribution Code for Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, F.T. and Labuan Amendments 2017_V5 Clause specifies that, ‘The Minimum Power Factor at the Connection Point shall be maintained in between values- [depending on voltage levels] of 85% lagging to 90% leading.’ This can be done with the injection of capacitive reactive power into the network using a simple equipment called a capacitor bank or a hybrid capacitor and reactor module. More often these capacitor bank systems are made up of multiple step configuration and can be switch using AIS, GIS or Vacuum breakers or vacuum contactors. This all depends on the requirements of the industrial plant or the network operator. Furthermore, it is vital that in circumstances that this capacitor bank is applied into the PCC, THD limits are observed fully, as required in Technical Guidelines for Interconnection of Distributed Generator to Distribution System 2018 subsection 4.1.9 and The Distribution Code section states ‘The Maximum Total Levels of Voltage Distortion at any connection point on the Distribution System from all sources under planned outage and unplanned outage conditions..’, shall not exceed:

PFBM Limits
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