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Dynamic Supply Voltage Regulator / Sag Corrector

Saver for up to 40% Power Dip Scenario


Dynamic Supply Voltage Regulator / Sag Corrector

Voltage dips causes expensive unscheduled production outages.

The voltage range of +-10 % of the nominal voltage defined in EN 50160 has to be guaranteed by the utility only in 95 % of the 10 minute average values.

Incidents which are shorter than 10 minutes cannot be avoided and may not be criticized.

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DSVR –Main components: 

1. Inverter  
• Converts AC to DC  

2. Rectifier  
• Convert DC to AC  

3. Bypass Switch  
• Protect against reverse flow 

4. Transformer  
• Controls and regulates Voltage to 100%


Sag Corrector – Power Dip Protection Up to 40% 

Sag Corrector stabalize voltage fluctuation +/-10%, regulating consistant voltage supply to your equipment.  

Sag Corrector is able to sustain up to 40% power dips of up to 30 seconds duration ensuring your equipment ride through capability coply to ITIC and SEMI F47.

No expansive energy storage within the system ensuring maintenance free and cost effective solution install permanantly to your equipment.

Over voltage compensation up to 120% Vr. 

Typical Applications

Sag Corrector have many low voltage potential applications where their use offers many benefits.

⦿ Protection on voltage fluctuation sensitive equipments.
⦿ Regulating voltage back to equipment ensuring consistant operations.  
⦿ Power Dip protection on sensitive equipments

Sag Corrector maintain your consistant supply of power and power dip protection up to 40%, the true power quality solution to all equipment.